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If you want to know what are the Breakthrough Competences to Manage Change in energy sector in coming years or geopolitical and economic change connected with the implementation of New Silk Road project – come to the 30th IPMA World Congress in Astana, 5th -7th September 2017!

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IPMA World Congress has a long history reaching back to 1967 so it is not a surprise that with time this event established a brand on its own and became the world’s leading conference on project, program and portfolio management, bringing together business professionals, practitioners and researchers.

This year, 2017, we will be celebrating the 30th anniversary of this renowned project management feast of the year in Astana  – the capital of Kazakhstan – and this choice was not a coincidence. Astana is a city that can be called a living advertisement of project management on its own.
Though this urban settlement was granted city rights in 1862 it did not have a prevailing role in the country until 1994 when the Supreme Council of Kazakhstan decided to transfer the capital of Kazakhstan to a place known today as Astana. This way in 1994 the government of Kazakhstan started one of the most notable national project: construction of a modern capital city that would be a proud title-holder of the XXI century metropolis.

However Astana project, though impressive, is just one of many remarkable projects under implementation in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Most of you heard about strategic geopolitical project  called “New Silk Road” implemented in close cooperation between China and Kazakhstan. The name resembles historical Silk Way but aspires to so much more than a trade path. “New Silk Road” or “New Silk Road Economic Belt” means the creation of a set of international hubs in key transport corridors of Kazakhstan for trade and logistics, finance and business, innovation and technology, and tourism as well.

EXPO 2017 focused on future energy is another example of a Kazakh big-scale project that will be just a starting point for following investments in green energy projects. Astana EXPO-2017 sets the task to gather the best developments in these fields in order to demonstrate not only the future energy, but also the problematic issues of developing countries, connected with the need in it.

If  you want to know more about these projects let me invite you to the 30th IPMA World Congress in Astana that will be held on 5th-7th September 2017.  IPMA World Congress 2017 will be devoted to Breakthrough Competences for Managing Change with a special focus on New Silky Road project demands and future trends in energy sector.
This year’s IPMA World Congress is a special event also for one more reason: the organizers of IPMA World Congress in Astana negotiated a special extension to the EXPO 2017 visiting dates for Congress participants to give them an unique occasion to visit the World Fairs Exhibition on Future Energy before it gets closed.

To register click here: http://www.ipmawc2017.com/

To check the Call for Papers click here: http://www.ipmawc2017.com/30th_IPMA_WC_CALL_FOR_PAPERS.pdf


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Sandra is Assistant to the IPMA President and Executive Director. Since joining IPMA in 2012, Sandra worked in FMCG sector as Customer Business Development Assistant for Procter&Gamble. She holds Master in Economisc from Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Zagreb. After graduation she continued at the same University the doctoral programme in Business Economics. Her particular interest in project management is related to megaproject management, PM schools of thoughts and cultural diversity.

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2 responses to “If you want to know what are the Breakthrough Competences to Manage Change in energy sector in coming years or geopolitical and economic change connected with the implementation of New Silk Road project – come to the 30th IPMA World Congress in Astana, 5th -7th September 2017!

  1. Breakthrough means by moving forward or expansion in companies with new ideas and skills.to bring more development to the company or banking system

  2. Definition: Positions the organization for success by establishing challenging yet achievable performance goals, aligning systems and processes to deliver on lPAM goals of generating economic, social and environmental benefit to Kazakhstan, and implementing more efficient work practices. It involves managing and allocating financial and people resources to execute operational and business plans and leverage revenue targets. (Important to note: Drive for Results and Efficiency is about
    improving organizational performance
    while Action Management is about planning, organizing and managing work activities.)
    Scale progression: All levels of this competency express an intense concern with improving performance that ranges from the individual/team to the organizational level.
    Level 1
    Is tenacious and strives for efficiency
    Pushes projects forward despite obstacles.
    Does not give up ; remains focussed on attaining results despite obstacles and interruptions .
    Depicts a sense of urgency for solving problems and getting work done in the most efficient manner.
    Completes work assignments promptly and efficiently.
    Ascertains when it is appropriate to intervene in situations that jeopardize the attainment of goals .
    Encourages everyone to be professional at all times, i . e. , accurate, punctual and reliable .
    Seeks feedback from stakeholders to help improve performance.
    Takes ownership of decisions and actions that advance objectives.

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