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It has been a real honour to represent the profession during the last five years

22 December 2017 IN Best Practices Featured Know how News Opinions BY

In a few days my term as President of IPMA will come to an end and Dr Jesus Martinez-Almela will take over the office. It has been an incredible period of my life, with many exciting but also challenging experiences. As Vice-President for Standards, Research and Awards I had the opportunity during the years 2013

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Lean Project Management – old wine in new bottles or a real gain?

13 June 2016 IN Best Practices Featured Opinions BY

Like all other management disciplines, project management is subject to new concepts and developments – and not free of fashionable words. “Lean” project management is such a concept that is marketed as new concept for project managers and organisations as a “must have” for success. Lean should not be mixed with “meager” or “slim”, it

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One size does not fit them all

4 May 2016 IN Featured Know how Opinions BY

Organisations often apply international standards such as the ISO 21500 “Guidance on project management” on all projects irrespective of their size, complexity or situation-specific characteristics. This is dangerous and may cause more threats than opportunities. Standards are generic. Typically they cover a wide range of project types, sectors and situations. They are not intended to

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50 years of IPMA in a book – Building bridges worldwide

4 November 2015 IN Featured News BY

This year IPMA celebrated its 50th Anniversary. During the 29th IPMA World Congress at Panama we had the opportunity to commemorate this important date with delegates from all around the world – nowadays IPMA reaches out to the profession through its Member Associations in more than 60 countries. Who could imagine this great success in

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Delivering projects successfully

26 October 2015 IN Best Practices Featured BY

There are many articles, surveys and discussions regarding successful project delivery. Most of them refer to the “iron triangle” of time, quality and cost when evaluating the success of a project. Unfortunately, this is misleading and causes huge troubles. The triangle is reflecting on the constraints of a project. It shall be delivered during a

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Getting The Right People On The Bus: The ​ICB4 Dream Team

5 October 2015 IN Best Practices Featured Opinions BY

This is the story of how one small team created a big work product. And about how getting the right people on the bus is often more important than knowing your direction from the beginning.

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Cycle Up Your Career With the ICB4

14 September 2015 IN Featured Uncategorized BY

At IPMA, we see project management deeply rooted in the real world around us. From Mars rovers and nano engineering, to the development of faster trains, safer digital encryption protocols and insightful health care analytics. Projects are at the forefront of most new development. And project, programme, and portfolio managers carry the weight of these

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International PM-Community will meet in Panama for the 29th IPMA World Congress

29 July 2015 IN Featured News BY

End of September the international Project Management Community will meet in Panama for the 29th IPMA World Congress

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New IPMA Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct available

1 June 2015 IN Featured News BY

It is with great pleasure that I tell you about a project I have managed for the Research Management Board of IPMA. A successful project outcome has now been delivered, a Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct (CoE) for IPMA. The modern project manager operates in a complex environment and is often faced with difficult

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Projects and Project Management in Malaysia

21 May 2015 IN Best Practices Featured News Opinions BY

Last week the IPMA ExBo conducted a board meeting in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. The visit was already planned last year and based on an invitation of our new member, the MAPM Malaysian Association of Project Management. This report summarizes the most important events in the context of our visit and gives an

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