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Project management is of strategic value

13 September 2017 IN Best Practices Featured Know how BY

written by: Mimoun El Ouarti It is time for us to consider project management as a strategic competence and of a strategic value for organizations. The determining factor in this is the ever increasing rate of change in the world and in the area of ​​organizations. These changes are becoming more and more felt as

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Are we going to do things better in 2017?

9 January 2017 IN Featured Know how Opinions BY

“Well Mr. Buijnsters. Again full of good intentions for the new year?” This way the dental assistant welcomes me to the bi-annual dental check. And of course we all start the New Year with good intentions and promises. And despite all the issues in the world around us, we’re really going to do things better

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Virtual Project Management Offices – a real option for large organisations

20 June 2016 IN Featured Know how BY

Project Management Offices (PMOs) are recognized and established in many organisations. A survey of GPM, the German Project Management Association revealed that 80 % of the organisations involved in the study run a PMO, independent of the size of the organisation. A PMO was defined as “permanently integrated into the project business of the organisation

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Planning the portfolio of activities for 2016

2 November 2015 IN Featured Opinions BY

Planning the portfolio of activities for 2016 The Northern hemisphere experiences fall right now, a nice time of the year, with bright colours and a lot of work to do, e.g. preparing the garden for winter. As the year turns to its end, we try to finish our activities, which often causes “year-end stress”. But

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Seven steps to a strategy for your organisation

21 April 2015 IN Best Practices Featured Know how Opinions BY

Organisations are constantly faced with dynamic change in their context. This requires them to change their vision, mission and strategy from time to time. Projects and programs are intended to execute the strategy and therefore are dependent on a clear set of strategic goals, intended benefits and / or expectations defined by the top management

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PMOs are focussed on operations and less on strategy

3 April 2015 IN Featured Know how Opinions BY

The concept of Project Management Offices (PMOs) has gained popularity during the past years. In many sectors and independent of the size of an organisation, PMOs can be found on corporate level, in business units or even in departments. The roles of a PMO vary, depending on the maturity of the organisation, the maturity in

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