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Working time sovereignty in projects

29 June 2016 IN Featured Know how News BY

The increasing number of projects in our society (“Projectification”) is rapidly changing the working conditions for us and all people engaged. Projects are non-routine work, which has a massive impact on all aspects of work. Firstly, the way of working changes. A separate organisation will be established, flexible work arrangements by using project management methodology

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Project managers can change the world

7 September 2015 IN Featured Know how BY

GpmFirst is raring to go after the brief lull of the summer vacation, and our Guest Editor this month is setting the bar high by encouraging all project managers to get out there and change the world! Reinhard Wagner – our Guest Editor, and President of the International Project Management Association (IPMA) – talks ‘projectification‘ and

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Different stages of organisational development during projectification

20 August 2015 IN Featured Know how BY

The increasing number of projects (“projectification”) has great impact on organisations, they transform. This transformation can be observed through six stages, which I will explain shortly. – Stage 0: This might be the starting point for a transformation. No projects being performed. The organisation is a typical line organisation, shaped by functional departments running the

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IPMA’s third project management conference in Algiers!

26 May 2015 IN Best Practices Featured News BY

Project managers from all over Algeria met for the third time during a conference initiated by IPMA (Training Aid programme) in Algiers and organised by INSIM and Advantages Event Maghreb to promote project management as a way to translate visions and strategies into Reality. The third conference in Algeria took place on 23rd of May

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Projects and Project Management in Malaysia

21 May 2015 IN Best Practices Featured News Opinions BY

Last week the IPMA ExBo conducted a board meeting in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. The visit was already planned last year and based on an invitation of our new member, the MAPM Malaysian Association of Project Management. This report summarizes the most important events in the context of our visit and gives an

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Project Management Trends 2025

20 March 2015 IN Featured Opinions BY

The discipline of project management is developing very fast. Some developments are obvious, others are rather hidden.

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