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The Lean Project Manager, or how to improve productivity

26 June 2017 IN Best Practices Featured Know how News Opinions BY

The concept of “Lean Management” was originally developed in the Automotive Industry, reducing waste in manufacturing processes. However, in recent years it became also popular in areas of non-repetitive processes, such as product development or administration. Laurent Kummer proposes in his new book “The Lean Project Manager” a complete guide to transform project managers through

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Optimal experience of a project manager

23 November 2016 IN Featured Know how Opinions BY

Working with people implies communication, trade of information’s, doing assignments in a team of different people ect. It can be said that mutual working implies competences for better understanding – bottom to up and on the contrary. People must work together to achieve personal and organizational goals. IPMA competences for people are based on number of

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Effective escalation in projects

23 November 2015 IN Know how News Opinions BY

Sometimes we have to escalate in projects, in order to overcome problems. Typically, the escalation is done by the project manager and is directed towards the next decision making body. This might be the project sponsor, a steering committee or a senior executive. It is one of the most important accountabilities of a project manager,

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