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Are you a candidate for the IPMA Research Awards?

15 May 2017 IN Best Practices Featured Know how News BY

Research is one of the basic building blocks of every profession. IPMA promotes and acknowledges outstanding research world-wide and thereby encourages academics and practitioners to develop the profession through rigourus research. The annual IPMA Research Awards is an important part of this strategy and the goal of IPMA Research Awards is to promote excellence within

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The Oxford Handbook of Megaproject Management

11 May 2017 IN Featured Know how News BY

Megaprojects are very large investment projects. The team “Mega” often implies the size of the task involved in developing, planning, and managing projects of this magnitude. Bent Flyvbjerg, a professor at the Saïd Business School of the University of Oxford says that globally, megaprojects make up 8 percent of total GDP. They attract a lot

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Japan meets Europe – Contribute to ProMAC 2017 in Munich

8 May 2017 IN Featured News BY

ProMAC has been organized since 2002 by the Society of Project Management (SPM), Japan. ProMAC 2017 will be conducted for the first time ever outside of the Asian-Pacific Region. The conference is a joint undertaking of SPM, GPM (GPM Deutsche Gesellschaft für Projektmanagement, Germany), and IPMA (International Project Management Association) and will happen between November

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Management 4.0 – Handbook for Agile Practices

5 May 2017 IN Best Practices Featured Know how News BY

A recently released Handbook is worth mentioning on this Blog, because it addresses a topic, which is a „hot topic“ in the world of projects, and the way it was developed is even more remarkable. But one after the other. Nowadays, all conferences, publications and seminars need to address the topic of „Agility, Agile or

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Projects and project management in Ecuador

1 May 2017 IN Best Practices Featured Know how News BY

The Federal Republic of Ecuador, which is literally the “Republic of the Equator” is located in the Northwest of South America, bordered by Colombia on the north, Peru on the East and South, and the Pacific Ocean to the West. It also includes the famous Galápagos Islands in the Pacific, about 1,000 kilometres to the

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1. IPMA Conference on Diversity in Project Management Conference

26 April 2017 IN Best Practices Featured Know how News BY

As a common initiative both from IPMA together with its member associations in the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Iceland the first Diversity in Project Management Conference took place from April 10 to 11 2017 in s-´Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands. The conference was a great success for all participants. The diversity of the themes around

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The element of trust in project management

12 April 2017 IN Featured Know how News Opinions BY

Trust is a complex concept that has different meanings depending on the situation and relationships observed.  Trust is an essential element of healthy and cooperative ties between employees, business and profession. Different characteristics of industries indicate meaning of trust. In information system projects trust is built within core business more than it is the case

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Overcoming „projectitis“ in organisations

10 April 2017 IN Best Practices Featured Know how BY

During the past fifty years projects became quite popular in organisations. Research indicates that in some countries more than one third of the GDP is performed through projects, with some organisations running more than fifty percent of their turnover through projects. And that´s not taking into account the vast number of internal projects, e.g. for

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Managing collaboration in projects

7 April 2017 IN Best Practices Featured Know how BY

In many sectors projects are performed together with partners, project management needs to be based on collaboration. Most project management standards, models or approaches focus on projects being performed within an organisation, not emphasizing the cross-company collaboration that is needed in projects such as developing a car. Source of the picture: ProSTEP iViP    

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Projects and project management in Portugal

31 March 2017 IN Best Practices Featured Know how News Opinions BY

Portugal  is a country on the Iberian Peninsula in Southwestern Europe. It is the westernmost country of mainland Europe. To the west and south it is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and to the east and north by Spain. During the 15th and the 16th centuries, Portugal established the first global empire, becoming one of

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