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Cycle Up Your Career With the ICB4

14 September 2015 IN Featured Uncategorized BY

At IPMA, we see project management deeply rooted in the real world around us. From Mars rovers and nano engineering, to the development of faster trains, safer digital encryption protocols and insightful health care analytics. Projects are at the forefront of most new development. And project, programme, and portfolio managers carry the weight of these

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Projects and project management in Spain

22 July 2015 IN Featured News BY

I have been many times in Spain, a beautiful country in the south-west of Europe. After a visit to Granada I try to wrap-up things and write this short report about projects and project management in Spain. The country [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spain] covers the major part of the Iberian Peninsula and was influenced by various cultures, e.g.

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The Moroccan Project Management Association (MPMA) is born !

6 July 2015 IN Featured News BY

In June 2015, Moroccan Project Management Association (MPMA) was born. At this occasion a press conference was organized in Casablanca to which IPMA was invited. Journalists from TV, written and electronic press were invited by the board of MPMA to the Palace d’Anfa, a five star hotel in Casablanca. The elected President Ms. Nawal Gharmili-Sefrioui

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IPMA´s 4-Level-Certification System – A Success Story

22 June 2015 IN Best Practices Featured BY

IPMA is the world´s first project management association and celebrates its 50th Anniversary during the 29th IPMA World Congress in Panama end of September. There is another reason for celebrating this year: IPMA´s 4-Level-Certification System comes to the 20th year since the founding. Through IPMA the idea of a competence-based certification in project management has

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Projects and Project Management in Finland

8 June 2015 IN Best Practices Featured Know how News Opinions BY

After returning from a visit to Finland I´d like to continue our series of reports from IPMA Member Countries. Finland is a sparsely populated country in the north of Europe. Most of the 5.5 Million inhabitants live in the south of the country, whilst Lapland in the north only accounts for 3.5% of the population,

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New IPMA Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct available

1 June 2015 IN Featured News BY

It is with great pleasure that I tell you about a project I have managed for the Research Management Board of IPMA. A successful project outcome has now been delivered, a Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct (CoE) for IPMA. The modern project manager operates in a complex environment and is often faced with difficult

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IPMA’s third project management conference in Algiers!

26 May 2015 IN Best Practices Featured News BY

Project managers from all over Algeria met for the third time during a conference initiated by IPMA (Training Aid programme) in Algiers and organised by INSIM and Advantages Event Maghreb to promote project management as a way to translate visions and strategies into Reality. The third conference in Algeria took place on 23rd of May

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Projects and Project Management in Malaysia

21 May 2015 IN Best Practices Featured News Opinions BY

Last week the IPMA ExBo conducted a board meeting in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. The visit was already planned last year and based on an invitation of our new member, the MAPM Malaysian Association of Project Management. This report summarizes the most important events in the context of our visit and gives an

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How ICB ® and OCB ® interrelate

14 May 2015 IN Featured Opinions BY

Recently I received an interesting question, which I want to answer via the IPMA Blog, because it touches a very crucial topic. The question: “What is the interrelation between IPMA´s Individual Competence Baseline (ICB) and Organisational Competence Baseline (OCB)?” The ICB  defines the competences an individual should possess in order to take part or be

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IPMA and Gower jointly support PMs in developing nations

11 May 2015 IN Featured Opinions BY

Modern technologies enable networking and support across the globe. A good example is the immediate response through social media after the devastating earthquakes in Nepal. It was overwhelming to see the support shown for the people in Nepal, expressed in prayers, ecouragement, donations and reconstruction tips. Even a kind of virtual coaching was offered to

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