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Project performance review

13 October 2016 IN Featured Opinions BY

In a recent publication Alexia Nalewaik and Anthony Mills highlight the importance of performance audits for project success. Firstly, they explain the different terms being used in that context, such as review, evaluation, audit or assessment. The term “review” refers more to a regular (internal) review of the project performance by the project team or

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Resilience – a new perspective for individuals, projects and organisations

15 June 2016 IN Featured News Opinions BY

A word gains increasingly attention in social sciences: resilience. The Oxford English Dictionary defines it as: “The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties”. It was first used in the material sciences, where resilience is defined as ability of a material to absorb energy when it is deformed elastically, and release that energy upon unloading.  In

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Making Projects Sing – A Musical Perspective of Project Management

27 April 2016 IN Featured Know how News BY

Recently I was asked to write a foreword for a book providing links between music and project management. I was very much inspired and wrote the following: “If you read the book title you might think – how does music and project management go together? They do, in a very symbiotic way! I have benefited

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