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Starting a Young Crew in Morocco with IPMA TAP- Training Aid Programme in Marrakech and Casablanca

27 April 2018 IN Best Practices Featured Know how News BY

Written by Jesus Martinez-Almela and Amin Saidoun An important part for the development younger IPMA member associations is mentoring. As indicated in the IPMA programme structure 2020 derived from the IPMA 2020 strategy, mentoring can take the form of supporting the management of an association to create a Young Crew. Having a Young Crew is a

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Advocating the benefit of project management: the example of Morocco

28 November 2016 IN Featured Know how News Opinions BY

Advocacy is an activity by which an individual or a group aims to influence decisions within political, economic, and social systems and institutions. Advocacy can include many activities that a person or organization undertakes including media campaigns, public speaking, commissioning and publishing research or conducting exit poll or the filing of an amicus brief. Depending

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Projects and project management in Morocco

25 January 2016 IN Best Practices Featured Opinions BY

The Executive Board of IPMA started into 2016 with a meeting at Casablanca, dedicated to an exchange of experiences with board members of the Moroccan Project Management Association (MPMA). The association was formed last year  and is moving forward to start activities in 2016 and beyond. The Kingdom of Morocco is a country of the

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