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How to engage top managers in projects and project management?

5 March 2018 IN Best Practices Featured Know how News BY

During the last couple of months I had the opportunity of talking to several top managers of multi-billion Euro companies. They certainly have a very different perspective and need to be approached in special way. However, it´s crucial for the success of projects and project management at large that we do so more often. Surveys

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Do we need a new leadership approach for projects?

12 February 2018 IN Best Practices Featured Know how Uncategorized BY

Last week I joined a discussion on LinkedIn, triggered by Dr. Marcus Raitner, Agile Transformation Agent at BMW, who pulled together a “Human Leadership Manifesto”. The discussion was based on the assumption that in an agile world, traditional leadership approaches do not suffice anymore. Project teams need to organise their work more on their own,

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Project Management and the Five Traits of Leadership

24 January 2018 IN Best Practices Featured Know how News BY

Not too long ago, Jack Welch formulated and posted on LinkedIn five essential traits a real leader needs to demonstrate (LinkedIn, May 15, 2016). In his opinion, main factors that differentiate a leader from the crowd are: positive energy — the capacity to go-go-go with healthy vigour and an upbeat attitude through good times and

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Shape your own life through experiencing projects

7 July 2017 IN Best Practices Featured News Opinions BY

Literature is full of good advice “how to” manage projects. Projects are treated as subjects distinct to the person managing or participating in it. I would counterargue, we cannot really separate projects from our own life.

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Interview No.1: Leadership

4 April 2016 IN Featured News Opinions BY

Interview by Reinhard Wagner & Sandra Misic (IPMA) Questions for Paul Hodgkins Q1.How do you succeed in being a good leader? I’m not sure there is a ‘best way’ to succeed in being a good leader; rather it’s all about finding the ‘best way’ that works for you and that must always begin with being yourself. 

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The Challenge of Project Leadership

22 February 2016 IN Featured Opinions BY

I believe the challenge of effective leadership in projects to be one of the most urgent the profession of project management has faced in recent times. Today, we throw the word ‘leadership’ around as though it is expected, as though it is something all project managers can do without having to think about it or

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Project Leadership – Becoming ‘that’ Project Manager

18 December 2015 IN Best Practices Featured Opinions BY

Over the years I’ve witnessed what I consider to be truly outstanding, motivational and inspirational project leadership.  I’ve also witnessed what I’ve considered to be the polar opposite; project leadership that has left project teams feeling deflated, undervalued and unwanted.  And the difference between the two in my opinion was simply this; the ability of

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Love…. a competence element?

4 December 2015 IN Featured Opinions BY

It is pitch black outside the window. It is also dark inside the cabin and the only lights I can see are coming from the screens of people that are still awake and watching a film in the entertainment system. The captain has turned off most of the lights, dinner has been served and most

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