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Advice for Young Project Managers – Improve Time Management and Project Planning Skills

21 June 2017 IN News Opinions BY

After intense two days of making the International Final of the Project Management Championship 2017 a reality, assessing all the teams, calculating the results and announcing the winners (by the way – it is Team Serbia this year), I finally had the time to have a quick talk with Piotr Bogobowicz, the Member of the Board of OMEC.

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Global Young Crew Workshop 2016 – Sustainable and Creative Projects for Our Future

26 September 2016 IN Featured Opinions BY

Flying home from the biggest IPMA Young Crew event – Global Young Crew Workshop 2016 (GYCW) – not only had a long transfer time in Brussels airport but also the possibility to reflect the ideas and knowledge gained in the event. I have participated in this event for the second time. And surely I can admit, it

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Project management in Switzerland

14 March 2016 IN Featured Know how Opinions BY

On February 18th and 19th the swiss project management association spm invited an international group of experts to join the IPMA Expert Seminar 2016 in Zürich. In the course of the seminar I was asked to contribute to the IPMA Blog with an article about project management in Switzerland. In the following articel I’d like

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