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Don’t miss the unique opportunity to participate in exciting business game “Sea Wolf – Competent PM”!

22 August 2017 IN Best Practices Featured Know how News BY

During the 30-th IPMA World Congress in Astana, all participants are invited to experience a brand new business game “Sea Wolf – Competent PM”. It doesn’t matter how experienced you are – this game will give you the ability to gain new knowledge not just from a book but from your international team mates, cooperation

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Trust in Project Management

19 February 2016 IN Featured Know how News BY

I am delighted that ICB 4.0 recognizes the importance of trust in project management. This is an important change introduced into the last version of this document. For instance, Section 4.4.4. entitled „Relations and Engagements“ argues as follows: “Personal relations build the foundation for the productive collaboration, personal engagement, and commitments of others. This include

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Sharing and Learning through Megaprojects: Building bridges on knowledge and competence

17 December 2015 IN Best Practices Featured Know how BY

The project world that we live in is becoming megaproject world. Megaprojects are big investment projects whose purpose is to make the “mega” for client and contractors, from one side, but also for the community itself from the other side. In the megaproject world megaprojects experts explore their performance, why they fail often and what

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Love…. a competence element?

4 December 2015 IN Featured Opinions BY

It is pitch black outside the window. It is also dark inside the cabin and the only lights I can see are coming from the screens of people that are still awake and watching a film in the entertainment system. The captain has turned off most of the lights, dinner has been served and most

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Projects and project management in emerging economies

30 November 2015 IN Featured News Opinions BY

This post summarizes the rich insights gained during the 3rd IPMA Research Conference at Stellenbosch, South Africa. More than 35 people from 15 countries joined the conference. Emerging economies from Africa, Latin America and Asia were present and exchanged their experiences with participants from Norther America and Western Europe. IPMA´s Research Conferences are very different

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Planning the portfolio of activities for 2016

2 November 2015 IN Featured Opinions BY

Planning the portfolio of activities for 2016 The Northern hemisphere experiences fall right now, a nice time of the year, with bright colours and a lot of work to do, e.g. preparing the garden for winter. As the year turns to its end, we try to finish our activities, which often causes “year-end stress”. But

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Cycle Up Your Career With the ICB4

14 September 2015 IN Featured Uncategorized BY

At IPMA, we see project management deeply rooted in the real world around us. From Mars rovers and nano engineering, to the development of faster trains, safer digital encryption protocols and insightful health care analytics. Projects are at the forefront of most new development. And project, programme, and portfolio managers carry the weight of these

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The complementarity of competence-based and process-based standards

16 July 2015 IN Featured Know how BY

The IPMA Individual Competence Baseline Version 4, or ICB4, is designed as the global competence-based standard for individual competences in project, programme, and portfolio management (3PM) environments. Perhaps the biggest advantage lies in its complimentarity with the world’s process-based PM standards. However, what is the difference between competence-based and process-based standards anyway, and why is

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The Next Generation of Competence: ICB4

30 May 2015 IN Featured Know how BY

What Defines A Competent Project Manager? IPMA’s new flagship standard, the ICB4, is due to be launched in September at the World Congress in Panama. The new standard, named the Individual Competence Baseline, version 4, brings together an expanded set of competence elements that will support a wide range of audiences and uses. IPMA’s goal with the

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