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It’s child’s play to manage projects

22 July 2016 IN Best Practices Featured Know how BY

Project management is a serious profession. It developed over time and there are many possibilities of getting higher education, training and certification in the field. Somehow all this make us believe that we need to study hard to be successful. However, Daniel Defoe wrote in “An Essay upon Projects” (1697) that the “the honest projector

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Forming project teams – the right mix is key to success

30 May 2016 IN Best Practices Featured Opinions BY

It is well known, that teamwork is essential for projects. Many research papers, books and standards (like the IPMA ICB) highlight this fact. Bruce Tuckman´s stages of team development – forming, storming, norming, performing and adjourning – are well known in the community and explained in nearly all project management trainings. However, little attention has

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The complementarity of competence-based and process-based standards

17 September 2015 IN Uncategorized BY

The IPMA Individual Competence Baseline Version 4, or just ICB4, was designed to become the global competence-based standard for individual competences in project, programme, and portfolio management (3PM) environments. Maybe the biggest advantage yet is hidden and lies in its complementarity with the world’s renewed process-based PM standards. However, what is the difference between competence-

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Cycle Up Your Career With the ICB4

14 September 2015 IN Featured Uncategorized BY

At IPMA, we see project management deeply rooted in the real world around us. From Mars rovers and nano engineering, to the development of faster trains, safer digital encryption protocols and insightful health care analytics. Projects are at the forefront of most new development. And project, programme, and portfolio managers carry the weight of these

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International PM-Community will meet in Panama for the 29th IPMA World Congress

29 July 2015 IN Featured News BY

End of September the international Project Management Community will meet in Panama for the 29th IPMA World Congress

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IPMA activity in Ethiopia and Kenya

11 June 2015 IN Featured News Opinions BY

There is a lot of work to be done in both countries and it is no question in my mind that professional project management is an absolutely crucial element in the inevitable build up of infrastructure in both countries, to make sure that limited resources are used as efficiently as possible and projects are planned

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How ICB ® and OCB ® interrelate

14 May 2015 IN Featured Opinions BY

Recently I received an interesting question, which I want to answer via the IPMA Blog, because it touches a very crucial topic. The question: “What is the interrelation between IPMA´s Individual Competence Baseline (ICB) and Organisational Competence Baseline (OCB)?” The ICB  defines the competences an individual should possess in order to take part or be

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The Next Generation of Competence: ICB4

20 April 2015 IN Featured Know how News BY

IPMA’s new flagship standard, the ICB4, is due to be launched in September at the World Congress in Panama. The new standard, named the Individual Competence Baseline, version 4, brings together an expanded set of competence elements that will support a wide range of audiences and uses. IPMA’s goal with the ICB4 is simple –

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