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Co-create and Offer: A new business model with opportunities for project management

23 November 2017 IN Best Practices Featured Know how News BY

From Brick and Mortar to Click and Order, the transition in business thinking and opportunity capitalization has been swift and impressive. If that was not enough, the onset of social media revolution is making organizations rethink their business strategies and embrace new ways of interacting with their customers and capitalizing on the opportunities these interactions

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Project Eco-system: Designing future developments through Big Data analytics (Part B)

18 October 2017 IN Best Practices Featured Know how News BY

The fast pace of technological and business dynamics require organizations to develop what can be called TALK capabilities (T= Technology readiness, A=Awareness, L=Leadership competence, K =Knowledge). Data analytics and associated technologies are expected to play a key role in helping organizations doing exactly that, Talk. In a project-savvy business world, achieving project management efficiencies through

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