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How to bring researchers and practitioners in project management closer together?

7 March 2016 IN Best Practices Featured Know how Opinions BY

I believe that closer cooperation between researchers and practitioners in the project management field is essential for the development of the field. The closer, the better. Each side has something of value to offer. Practitioners have loads of practical experience that researchers cannot even dream about. But researchers have plenty of tools to interpret information

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Facilitating dialogue – overcoming one-way communication

27 November 2015 IN Featured Know how BY

Whilst travelling around the world I often experience conferences, where a presentation is the only way of communication. We can learn a lot from those presentations, especially if they provide insights in a real case and show a way to transfer the learning into our own situation. However, often the presenter exceeds the time dedicated

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Projects require virtuosity

28 October 2015 IN Know how Opinions BY

We experience an increasing number and importance of projects in our society. One of the most important characteristic of a project is the uniqueness, which means that a project differs from routine tasks and other projects through distinctive features, such as the complexity, volume, risk exposure, stakeholder involved or specific requirements. This requires a project

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