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Value proposition design for projects

29 May 2017 IN Featured Know how Uncategorized BY

One of my favorite books, “Value Proposition Design”  written by Osterwald, Pigneur, Bernada and Smith shows how to design and test value propositions in an iterative search for what customers really, really want. The basis for the right value proposition is a Canvas (see illustration based on Strategyzer), which shows on the one hand side

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Tunisia 2020: An opportunity for Project Management

5 December 2016 IN Featured Know how Uncategorized BY

Tunisia is starting the road to inclusive and sustainable development. After four years of consultations, supported by the international community, the country’s political transition is now underway. The first free elections were held at the end of 2014, leading to the establishment of new national democratic institutions. Since Spring 2015 the Government of Tunisia has

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The complementarity of competence-based and process-based standards

17 September 2015 IN Uncategorized BY

The IPMA Individual Competence Baseline Version 4, or just ICB4, was designed to become the global competence-based standard for individual competences in project, programme, and portfolio management (3PM) environments. Maybe the biggest advantage yet is hidden and lies in its complementarity with the world’s renewed process-based PM standards. However, what is the difference between competence-

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Cycle Up Your Career With the ICB4

14 September 2015 IN Featured Uncategorized BY

At IPMA, we see project management deeply rooted in the real world around us. From Mars rovers and nano engineering, to the development of faster trains, safer digital encryption protocols and insightful health care analytics. Projects are at the forefront of most new development. And project, programme, and portfolio managers carry the weight of these

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