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Global migration´s impact and opportunities for project management

13 December 2017 IN Best Practices Featured Know how News BY

People are on the move! That´s one key conclusion of a report published by McKinsey Global Institute about global migration´s impacts and opportunities. Approximately 250 million people live outside their country of birth. The impact (at least in some regions) is a significant labour force growth (40-80% in top destinations between 2000 and 2014), migrants

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The status quo of digital transformation in project-oriented organisations

11 December 2017 IN Best Practices Featured Know how News BY

A recently published survey of the GPM (German Project Management Association) contains interesting findings regarding salaries and career perspectives for project personneI in addition, the report provides insights into the impact of the so-called ”digital transformation”. It´s in full swing and has now arrived in project management as well. On the one hand, projects are

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Diversity in team members – part 1

6 December 2017 IN Best Practices Featured Know how News BY

Team diversity refers to the differences between individual members of a team that can exist on various dimensions like age, nationality, religious background, functional background or task skills, sexual orientation, and political preferences, among others.[1] Different types of diversity include demographic, personality and functional diversity (see Team composition), and can have positive as well as

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Guide for Effective Benefits Management

4 December 2017 IN Best Practices Featured Know how News BY

The British Infrastructure and Projects Authority recently published a unique Guide for Effective Benefits Management , because benefits management goes to the heart of delivering projects successfully. The guide has been written to help project teams develop their benefits management capability and ensure benefits activities mature at the same pace as other areas of project

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Moving social projects forward!

30 November 2017 IN Best Practices Featured Know how News BY

New charity service of IPMA The 30th international world congress of IPMA successfully took place in Astana / Kazakhstan in September with the participation of project professionals all around the world. Right after IPMA World Congress, IPMA Council of Delegates (CoD) took place in beautiful natural resort area in Borovoe with the participation of delegates representing

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The great teacher inspires

27 November 2017 IN Featured Know how BY

For an organisation with the vision to promote project management competence throughout society it is good to know that the one exclusive sign of thorough knowledge is the power of teaching. This quote is in fact attributed to Aristotle. Project management education, and how we can prepare for complexity and ambiguity, was the theme of

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Co-create and Offer: A new business model with opportunities for project management

23 November 2017 IN Best Practices Featured Know how News BY

From Brick and Mortar to Click and Order, the transition in business thinking and opportunity capitalization has been swift and impressive. If that was not enough, the onset of social media revolution is making organizations rethink their business strategies and embrace new ways of interacting with their customers and capitalizing on the opportunities these interactions

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Steering Committees for project-oriented organisations

20 November 2017 IN Best Practices Featured Know how News BY

There is not much literature about steering committees related to projects in organisations. Maybe that´s the reason why too many project-oriented organisations fail to establish steering committees that perform. Basically, a steering committee is a decision-making body composed of several people. However, it is not always clear who should sit on such a committee and

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IPMA® Professionals Driving Transformation

15 November 2017 IN Best Practices Featured Know how News Opinions BY

Bord na Móna was established 80 years ago to develop Ireland’s peat resources for the economic benefit of Ireland. Today, it is comprised of 6 business units Powergen, Biomass, Peat, Fuels, Waste and Recovery, and Horticulture and is an integral part of the economic, social and environmental fabric of Ireland and Irish life. Due to

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Do we need faster horses?

13 November 2017 IN Best Practices Featured Know how News BY

Again, I am on my way back home from an IPMA research conference. This time it was held in Incheon, South Korea. I met new people and made new friends, I heard new perspectives and I am so glad for this opportunity. All kinds of new ideas are floating in my head as I cruise

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