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Yvonne Schoper

Dr. Yvonne Schoper is Professor for International Project Management at HTW University of Applied Sciences Berlin.
Dr. Schoper holds a BSc in Engineering Management, an MSc International Business and a Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering.
She worked as a project manager for BMW where she was responsible for several international automotive development projects in USA and in Germany.
Since 2009 she is associate Professor for Project Management at the Tongji University in Shanghai (China).
Her research interests are intercultural project management, future trends in project management, women in project management and the further development of the profession of project managers.
From 2012-2015 she was Executive Board member of GPM Germany where she was responsible for research. Since 2015 she is the delegate of Germany at IPMA´s Council of Delegates. Since 2016 she is member of the Presidential Advisory Board of GPM.

“Projectification and its impact on societies”

5 April 2018 IN Best Practices Featured Know how News BY

Modern project management was developed in the 1970s. The methods were taken over to more and more industries. Today project management is found in all parts of industry, in public administration, in education and in sports. The global trend of “projectification” that comprises all areas of professional and private life is ubiquitous. First studies in

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The story behind the IPMA Research Conferences

20 March 2018 IN Best Practices Featured Know how News BY

Research conferences tend to be a succession of presentations of academics, with critical feedback at the end to find the weaknesses in the methodology, argumentation or conclusion. They are important for the growth both of the individual researchers, for the further development of the subject and for the whole profession.  However an important stakeholder group

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Celebrating Differences makes the Difference

12 March 2018 IN Best Practices Featured Know how News BY

Project management has been characterized as a “macho profession” in the 1990s (Cartwright, 1995). In the 20th century a successful project manager was a tough, hard-working guy who impressed his team and the stakeholders by his mental and physical power. Following literally the quote “actions speak louder than words” a project manager would have also

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From the 5th IPMA Research Conference about Project Success

8 November 2017 IN Best Practices Featured Know how News BY

Already for the 5th time IPMA hosted together with the new member association of IPMA Korea the Research Conference in Incheon in Korea from Nov 2-4 2017. The theme of this conference was dedicated to “projects, management and success: do we need a new understanding?” The unambiguous answer of the outcome of the two days

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1. IPMA Conference on Diversity in Project Management Conference

26 April 2017 IN Best Practices Featured Know how News BY

As a common initiative both from IPMA together with its member associations in the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Iceland the first Diversity in Project Management Conference took place from April 10 to 11 2017 in s-´Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands. The conference was a great success for all participants. The diversity of the themes around

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New Diversity in Project Management Award by IPMA

10 March 2017 IN Featured Know how News BY

On the occasion of the first Diversity in Project Management conference taking place on April 10-11 in s´Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands, IPMA introduces a new award to the international project management community: the Diversity in Project Management Award. This award is dedicated to honour those project managers or organisations that have proven to successfully manage

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First Diversity in Project Management Conference in the Netherlands

24 February 2017 IN Best Practices Featured News BY

Several research results in the last years showed that diversity has a significant impact on the success of project teams. In 2005 the HR researcher Egan analysed the meaning of diversity in the most successful Fortune 500 teams. His study showed that heterogeneous teams develop more and more frequently creative ideas than homogeneous teams. The

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