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Paul Hodgkins

Paul joined Siemens in 1984 as a graduate trainee and within two years entered the world of Project Management. His enthusiastic approach and project business success was recognised in his project management of some key projects; most notably in the then government owned British Rail; the implementation of communications infrastructure programme for London Undergrounds’ Jubilee Line Extension and a major telecommunications refresh programme across the Government Department of Social Security as well as in leading the communications implementation project for the Channel Tunnel Rail Link. From February 2006 until June 2013, he was responsible for leading the PM@Siemens programme (Siemens global programme addressing project business) across the UK and North West Europe where his motivational and inspirational leadership style led to even greater levels of project and programme business success. His efforts led Siemens UK plc in 2008 to become the first corporate organisation in the UK to receive accreditation from the Association for Project Management. This was in recognition of Siemens UK plc’s commitment to professional project and programme management development. In April 2009, Paul was nominated by ‘Project Magazine’ as one of ten ‘key influencers’ in the UK in relation to the profession of project and programme management. This recognition placed him in the company of the then Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone and Sir David Normington, the then Permanent Secretary to the UK Government Home Office. In July 2013 he established his own business, Paul Hodgkins Project Consultancy, where he has already begun to help businesses “unleash the power of projects and programmes”. He continues to be recognised for his contribution in developing the project management profession and has written articles for and appeared in numerous project management publications. Paul was appointed as a Fellow of the Association for Project Management (FAPM) in October 2009 and represented Siemens as part of the PMI Global Executive Council and APM Corporate Leaders Advisory Group. Paul also guest presents as part of University College London’s MSc on the Strategic Management of Projects.

Portfolio Management. A simple case of chicken and eggs- Five steps to succesful portfolio management

23 October 2017 IN Best Practices Featured BY

What came first; the chicken or the egg? Was it Adam and Eve that gave birth to all of mankind, or was it a case, as Charles Darwin would have us believe, of natural evolution?

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The importance of Project Management

8 June 2016 IN Best Practices Featured Opinions BY

In this five minute video, Paul Hodgkins shares his views on the project management profession; the differences he sees between project, programme and portfolio management and the importance of positioning project management as a ‘life-skill’.  

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Interview No.1: Leadership

4 April 2016 IN Featured News Opinions BY

Interview by Reinhard Wagner & Sandra Misic (IPMA) Questions for Paul Hodgkins Q1.How do you succeed in being a good leader? I’m not sure there is a ‘best way’ to succeed in being a good leader; rather it’s all about finding the ‘best way’ that works for you and that must always begin with being yourself. 

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The Challenge of Project Leadership

22 February 2016 IN Featured Opinions BY

I believe the challenge of effective leadership in projects to be one of the most urgent the profession of project management has faced in recent times. Today, we throw the word ‘leadership’ around as though it is expected, as though it is something all project managers can do without having to think about it or

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Project Leadership – Becoming ‘that’ Project Manager

18 December 2015 IN Best Practices Featured Opinions BY

Over the years I’ve witnessed what I consider to be truly outstanding, motivational and inspirational project leadership.  I’ve also witnessed what I’ve considered to be the polar opposite; project leadership that has left project teams feeling deflated, undervalued and unwanted.  And the difference between the two in my opinion was simply this; the ability of

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Project Legacy – What is it, why is it important and can it ever really be planned for?

11 November 2015 IN Featured Know how Opinions BY

Legacy is something I hear often being talked about, but is it really understood by those that speak it? And more than that, can it ever really be understood or a common definition ever be found and can legacy ever really be planned for? Before establishing my own consulting business in 2013, I worked at

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