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Martin Sedlmayer

With more than 35 years of professional experience, Martin Sedlmayer leads successfully complex change programmes. During his career, he has worked in the domain of project management as a project manager, programme leader, portfolio manager, and manager of project organisations. His industry experience includes finance, manufacturing, logistics and not-for-profit organisations.

His special interest is the challenge of competence development. He was lead editor and project manager for the new ICB4® (global competence standard for individuals working in project, programme and portfolio management). Currently, he serves as Vice President of IPMA’s Executive Board for Products and Services, as board member of both the Swiss national project management association spm and the Swiss certification body VZPM.

Martin is IPMA Level A® certified, acts as an assessor for fifteen years in various countries and holds a MBA in International Management from the University of Applied Sciences in Berne Switzerland, the University of Freiburg Germany, the State Polytechnical University of St., Petersburg Russia, the Babson College of Boston USA and Jiao Tong University of Shanghai China. He publishes regularly, speaks at conferences and events worldwide.

He can be contacted at martin.sedlmayer@ipma.world

His LinkedIn profile https://www.linkedin.com/in/sedlmayermartin


Project Management and the Five Traits of Leadership

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Not too long ago, Jack Welch formulated and posted on LinkedIn five essential traits a real leader needs to demonstrate (LinkedIn, May 15, 2016). In his opinion, main factors that differentiate a leader from the crowd are: positive energy — the capacity to go-go-go with healthy vigour and an upbeat attitude through good times and

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Programmes are not just big projects

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Nowadays, in many organisations, the term programme is used to mark the top of the project hierarchy: small project, normal project, big project, programme. It is often used to promote good senior project managers, after a while in business, they become a programme manager. But this approach is like: a small apple, a normal apple,

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What exactly is competence?

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When interested in the question of what exactly is competence, having a look at the OECD definition of competence is of course a must: they describe competence as “personal attributes or underlining characteristics, which combined with technical or professional skills, enable the delivery of a role / job”. http://www.dictionary.com takes another route and defines competence

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