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Marco Buijnsters

Professional project management is already for decades Marco’s passion. His belief is that with more professional project management, projects and programmes can be managed in a more predicable and more successful way, leading to higher customer satisfaction. By linking his knowledge and over 30 years of (project) management experience in The Netherlands and many countries abroad, as well as learning not only by himself but also through and from others, he has obtained a pretty good idea about what works and what doesn’t work in project management. In his role as project management consultant, trainer, coach and auditor he therefore supports organizations, project teams and individuals to do a better project management job.

Marco is next to his professional career with Balance and BPC from The Netherlands, part of the Dutch IPMA-board and chairman of the local IPMA interest group on project planning and control. He is also author of a number of project management handbooks for industrial organizations and published and presented papers on project management related issues throughout the world.

Are we going to do things better in 2017?

9 January 2017 IN Featured Know how Opinions BY

“Well Mr. Buijnsters. Again full of good intentions for the new year?” This way the dental assistant welcomes me to the bi-annual dental check. And of course we all start the New Year with good intentions and promises. And despite all the issues in the world around us, we’re really going to do things better

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Recovery projects – Better with a bloody nose…?!

19 December 2016 IN Best Practices Featured News BY

By awarding the IPMA Project Excellence Award to the Medupi power plant project in South Africa, IPMA’s PEA jury has recognized and awarded a brilliant recovery project. It is an example how an initially poorly performing project can be turned around to excellence. When a project team can get blood out of stone with excellent

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Are you a happy Principal?

11 November 2016 IN Best Practices Featured Opinions BY

There you are you are, as CEO, COO, director of projects or program manager. In your role as Principal you experience no problems and don’t lose any sleep over your project(s). All the projects you are responsible for run flawlessly. Never ever delayed, never over budget and always within scope. You receive project progress reports,

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