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CJ Fitzsimons

CJ Fitzsimons, PhD has been active in international R&D projects in the electronics, power generation, automotive, life sciences and not-for-profit sectors for 35 years. He led the GPM (German Project Management Association) project that resulted in the book Internationales Projektmanagement – Interkulturelle Zusammenarbeit in der Praxis (2004). He was also a member of the organising committee of the InterPM conference for many years and was a scientific advisor to the project that developed the GPM’s standard book The Project Manager. CJ was Vice President of the International Enneagram Association (IEA) and is CEO of Leadership Sculptor, a leadership and PM consultancy focussing on researchers.

Why COACHING for Development

20 March 2017 IN Featured Know how News Opinions BY

The 2011 McKinsey-Devex survey of 1210 people in NGO and development agencies showed that only 36% of aid projects achieved their intended impact. The main sources of difficulties in the projects arise from planning, stakeholder management, managing change, procurement practices, monitoring and evaluation. Clearly, from a project management perspective, we see the need to act,

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