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Overcoming challenges of project work through innovations in project management

14 March 2018

Project-related work dominates many areas of our society. In many sectors of the economy more than one third of the time is already spent in projects, with an increasing tendency. Projects are not only performed for external customers, but increasingly for internal purposes (e.g. R&D, Investment or Change). Projects, however, have always been under great

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Resilience of Algerian Project Management Association (APMA), a special tribute to Djamel Soufi, Executive Director of APMA who passed away on 12 February 2018 in Algiers

13 March 2018

On 12 February 2018, the Executive Director of Algerian Project Management Association passed away in Algiers. Many of you remember him when he presented together with the President of APMA Samira Babaaissa the application of APMA at the Council of Delegates meeting in March 2016 in Riga to join IPMA. Some remember him from the

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Celebrating Differences makes the Difference

12 March 2018

Project management has been characterized as a “macho profession” in the 1990s (Cartwright, 1995). In the 20th century a successful project manager was a tough, hard-working guy who impressed his team and the stakeholders by his mental and physical power. Following literally the quote “actions speak louder than words” a project manager would have also

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