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Managing the unforeseeable

23 February 2018

Projects per definition are unique. However, we try to extensively plan something which we never – at least partly – experienced before. Against overwhelming odds, we are very often optimistic that the plan “is true” and we spend a lot of energy to align reality with plan. In Project Management we have professionally established disciplines

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Progressing career through projects? Results of a survey …

21 February 2018

Research has paid little attention to the careers and career models of project managers [Bredin/Söderlund 2013]. Some authors highlight the difficult situation project managers are exposed to, for example an article in the International Journal of Project Management (IJPM) titled “Great expectations and hard times: The paradoxical experience of the engineer as project manager” [Hodgson/Paton/Cicmil

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Celebrating differences makes the difference – 2nd Diversity in Project Management conference in Croatia

19 February 2018

Since the mid 1960’s, IPMA is one of the leading worldwide congress organizer on project, programme and portfolio management, bringing together business professionals, practitioners, managers and representatives of companies, leading scientists, educators, professors, and students, representatives of various sectors and occupations, NGO’s and the media. Now for the 2nd time IPMA organizes in cooperation with

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