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The unleashed globe – living in uncertain times

27 July 2016

Recently, Munich suffered from a rampage of a single male who killed nine people before committing suicide. The whole city was under alert and people were scared recalling the pictures of recent terrorist attacks in Nice, Paris, Brussels and many other places outside of Europe. The coup in Turkey and the clean-up of the government

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Inaugural Regional Conference in Sydney – did you already plan your visit?

25 July 2016

Sydney is a vibrant city and definitely worth a journey. In October, an exciting event is scheduled, the Inaugural Regional Conference hosted by the Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM). It gathers experts from around the world and especially the Asian-Pacific Region to exchange experiences in the field of project management. The key theme is

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It’s child’s play to manage projects

22 July 2016

Project management is a serious profession. It developed over time and there are many possibilities of getting higher education, training and certification in the field. Somehow all this make us believe that we need to study hard to be successful. However, Daniel Defoe wrote in “An Essay upon Projects” (1697) that the “the honest projector

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