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Performing virtual project meetings

24 May 2017

Many project teams are nowadays spread across the globe and therefore cannot not (regularly) meet physically. Most of their meetings are performed virtually, usually by means of a web conference or a collaboration tool. The participants can see each other, establish a dialogue and chat via the online tool, they can work on documents, perform

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Against all odds – learning from great projectors: Vasco da Gama

22 May 2017

With this article we continue a series of pioneers and projectors to learn from. You are all encouraged to write about great projectors out of your context so we may learn from them and improve our way of performing projects. “Projector” is a term introduced by Daniel Defoe in “An Essay upon Projects” (1697). It

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The interrelations between projects, programmes and change

17 May 2017

This week the ISO/TC258/WG4 finishes its work on a new standard, the ISO 21503 “Guidance on Programme Management”. The core team of about twenty international experts and many more in national mirror committees explored the topic of programme management over more than three years. One of the key points of the discussion was to clearly

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