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What role does Big Data have in shaping future of Project Management? (Part A)

19 July 2017

Big Data revolution is at our door steps and expected to drive ‘Big Changes’ in the way businesses and societies go about their day-to-day chores. From health, education, finance, technology to defense, to name a few, no single sector of economy is spared from Big Data analytics and its implications. These implications, if exploited in

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How to finance projects in an OPEC country when the price of oil barrel is divided by two?

17 July 2017

Beginning of July 2017 a workshop with Algerian Project Management Association Board took place in in Algiers in order to review the implementation progress of the roadmap that APMA presented to become an IPMA member.  The young North African member association joined IPMA in 2016, a year where the Algerian economy (Algeria is member of

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Projects – advancing the business and serving to the society

14 July 2017

Interpreting the ISO 21500 approach on organizational strategy and projects [1], a new definition of project can be set, where project can be defined like “tool for shifting the opportunities to the benefits”. Indeed, a project is nothing but reaction to the problem, needs, opportunities or ideas.

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