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Global migration´s impact and opportunities for project management

13 December 2017

People are on the move! That´s one key conclusion of a report published by McKinsey Global Institute about global migration´s impacts and opportunities. Approximately 250 million people live outside their country of birth. The impact (at least in some regions) is a significant labour force growth (40-80% in top destinations between 2000 and 2014), migrants

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The status quo of digital transformation in project-oriented organisations

11 December 2017

A recently published survey of the GPM (German Project Management Association) contains interesting findings regarding salaries and career perspectives for project personneI in addition, the report provides insights into the impact of the so-called ”digital transformation”. It´s in full swing and has now arrived in project management as well. On the one hand, projects are

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Diversity in team members – part 1

6 December 2017

Team diversity refers to the differences between individual members of a team that can exist on various dimensions like age, nationality, religious background, functional background or task skills, sexual orientation, and political preferences, among others.[1] Different types of diversity include demographic, personality and functional diversity (see Team composition), and can have positive as well as

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