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Passion for Projects – the Beauty and the Beast

20 June 2018

If someone is going the extra mile in projects, we characterize this as passion. But what is passion? In philosophy and religion passion may be defined as “the instinctive, emotional, primitive drives in a human being (including, for example, lust, anger, aggression and jealousy) which a human being must restrain, channel, develop and sublimate in

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Project Management at the Edge of Chaos

18 June 2018

The headline seems to be a contradiction. Project management is typically perceived to be structured, keeping order and being the opposite of chaos. However, the authors of “Project Management at the Edge of Chaos”, Alfred Oswald, Jens Köhler and Roland Schmitt, saw a gap in the management dealing with theories and models in complex contexts,

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5Ws 1H: A technique to improve Project Management Efficiencies

15 June 2018

Project management can be regarded as a multipurpose techno-managerial activity. The diversity of its applications necessitates making PM inclusive. One way to do that is to broaden its knowledge circumference by integrating new tools and techniques with an aim to enhance the quality of PM processes and the quality of products / services produced using

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