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Against all odds – learning from great projectors: Jakob Fugger

24 April 2017

With this article we continue a series of pioneers and projectors to learn from. You are all encouraged to write about great projectors out of your context so we may learn from them and improve our way of performing projects. “Projector” is a term introduced by Daniel Defoe in “An Essay upon Projects” (1697). It

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The RASIC-Chart – a key tool for collaboration in projects

20 April 2017

One of the key factors for successful collaboration in projects is having clear roles and responsibilities assigned. Otherwise work is maybe done twice, or nobody feels responsible for doing certain work packages, team members feel uncertain whether they are supposed to do work packages or others are doing it, or uncertainties ultimately increase the need

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Managing collaboration in virtual project teams

18 April 2017

Due to global workshare many projects are performed through teams scattered all over the world. Collaboration between the team members in such a setting is difficult because of geographical distance, different time and climate zones, diverse cultures, beliefs, habits and languages, divergent understanding of project management and other work styles. Sometimes those teams are called

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