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Global Young Crew Workshop

Global Young Crew Workshop 2016 – Sustainable and Creative Projects for Our Future

26 September 2016

Flying home from the biggest IPMA Young Crew event – Global Young Crew Workshop 2016 (GYCW) – not only had a long transfer time in Brussels airport but also the possibility to reflect the ideas and knowledge gained in the event. I have participated in this event for the second time. And surely I can admit, it

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When there is no plan B

21 September 2016

The 4th IPMA research conference was held in Reykjavik Iceland on Sept 14-16. This conference was an eye opener for everyone that participated. I wouldn’t be surprised if it would be remembered in the future as a milestone for IPMA where an important redefinition of purpose took place and foundations were laid for new definitions

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Leading project teams without (disciplinary) power

19 September 2016

Leadership is different in projects. Typically, project managers do not have disciplinary power like line managers. Leadership WITH disciplinary power means to hold a couple of tools in your hands, including but not limited to allowing for vacations, offering training opportunities, raising the salary or promoting employees to the next level. However, a means could

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